Festive banquet menus for your event

We cater and care for you and your guests!

We simply love festive events and parties! The delicious banquet menu is an important part of your successful party, just like the perfect wine and the harmonious ambiance. We cater and care for you and your guests – so that you can fully enjoy your party.  Take a look at our menu examples and experience values. Choose the courses and we compile your complete banquet menu.

Ask for your personal offer for your banquet menu. The prices below are in CHF and per guest.

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Banquet request

Examples for your banquet
Soup or salad x x
Starters variation x x
Danis entree x x
Main course with chicken x x x x
Dessert x x x x
Banquet menu 63.00 72.00 77.50 86.50
Banquet menu prices
with main course of pork meat 65.00 74.00 79.50 88.50
with main course of calf back 69.00 78.00 83.50 92.50
with main course of beef filet 71.00 80.00 85.50 94.50
  • Side dishes and sauces are included with all main courses
  • Additional servings are included with all banquet menus
Additional culinary variations
Prices are per guest
Gluhwine and a sausage to barbeque yourself 14.50
Platter with little bites 8.50 to 14.50
Soup served in a large bowl 9.50 to 12.50
Salad served in a large bowl 12.50
Sorbets 9.00 to 14.50
Cheese selection on a plate or from the cheese board 10.50 to 18.50
Small pastries 6.50 to 12.50
Wedding cake 12.50 to 16.50
Breakfast buffet for additional external guests 28.50
Average consumption (event)
Approximate costs per guest
Wine price per bottle 48.00 68.00
Wine for the aperitif dl 1.5 9.60 13.60
Wine red and white (without aperitif) dl 3.5 22.40 31.70
Wine red and white (with aperitif) dl 5.0 32.00 45.30

Enjoy your banquet together with your guests!