Company & Team Events

The perfect Christmas present, company event, team outing… be inspired!

The original way to surprise and reward your clients, your employees and your team. Plan your event at Schlussel Beckenried. Travel to Central Switzerland, stay in our beautiful hotel and to end your event enjoy a self prepared lunch or dinner. Prepare and host the event, with a helping hand from your team and/or clients with the Schlussel team.

Contact us for your team building event, team outing, Christmas party or business event  You choose the theme and the menu, give your event that special note, be creative and have fun!

Cook for your clients…

…the extraordinary present for your clients

Would you like to present something unique and personal to your clients? Invite and host them in the Schlussel. Prepare a menu for your, with the support from your team and/or the Schlussel team.

Bosses cater for their teams…

…surprise your employees in a different way

Reward your staff in a unique way and take them to the Schlussel. Prepare and host the party, with a helping hand from your team and/or the Schlussel team.

You decide time and effort you would like to invest in your event.

Department cooks for department…

…the team building event that will connect

You are looking for a special team outing with the extra touch? Let a department prepare a menu for the other. They plan the menu, shop the items, cook and serve the meal. At the next event, parts will change.

Company &
team events
Dates Sunday to Thursday (by arrangement)
Time lunch or dinner
Guests min. 20 up to max. 45 guests, by arrangement
Costs for you on a material basis
Accommodation stay the night in our unique and individually decorated Boutique-rooms

«Improvisation and creativity are the most important key elements for a manager to be successful in the fast changing working environment. To reach the best results in unfamiliar fields, together as a team with other experts – a challenge for every leader »

The key to success

We are happy to organise your bespoke management seminar with a professional lead.
Your meeting will be crowned with the result of your work – a delicious meal. If you want to include a social program or any kind of entertainment we know just who to contact.

Are you interested? It will be our pleasure to inform and advise you personally.

seminar request

Old wall clock in black and white in a Boutique-Room Deluxe
Boutique-Room Deluxe