Flying Dinner – your grand event with a casual atmosphere

Ideal for birthdays, weddings, company parties, family feasts with 70 to 100 guests

Imagine you arrive at a function and there are no fixed seating arrangements!
Aunty Marieli is not seated next to Aunty Bethli, like the last ten family functions. Friends and colleagues chat away for as long as they like, in the ballroom or if you prefer in the quieter dining room. And if you like, you may stay seated at the same table during the entire evening. We would bring various dishes to your table. To begin, we would serve platters with different delicacies. A creamy soup in a glass may follow, an indigenous fish dish, a risotto served in a cup and saucer with an accompanying dish to compliment it. For the main course, a hearty meat dish. To end the meal, a sweet surprise and maybe a selection of cheese to round the meal off. At midnight we could possibly serve a selection of sausages to keep the party going into the night.
Every course can be eaten while standing. The wine glasses are name tagged, so that guests will be able to find their glasses throughout the evening. Cutlery and napkins are ready on the tables. The decoration can be customized to your needs whatever the occasion.

If a speech is planned from the management or from the brides father, we would simply ring a bell and all guests can saunter with their wine glasses back into the ballroom. After that, guests can continue socializing again; look for a new conversational companion or a new seat. Music for the ballroom can either be organised by the management team or specially arranged with management. A quieter alternative can be found in our dining room where guests can talk while listening to relaxed background music.

Once the nights festivities are over the last course could lead you to one of our beautiful Boutique-rooms which has a free standing bath tub, where you can dream in a quite unique atmosphere.

Simply said: Hosting an informal function, event or wedding with a casual atmosphere while socializing and dining, allowing guests to enjoy a unique experience which will create fond memories.

Enjoy and surprise your guests!

Flying dinner
Suitable for Weddings, business functions, birthdays, etc.
Number of guests min. 70 to max. 100 guests
Number of courses min. 5 up to max. 8 courses
Costs for the meal Depending on the number of courses, from CHF 78.00 per person