The Gourmet & Specialities Shop

Where our restaurant guests meet for a drink before dinner

A very special corner at the Schlussel-house is the Gourmet Shop, where restaurant guests enjoy a drink before dinner. The little shop also offers selected specialities, precious gifts and home made goods.
Learn more about the history of this venerable little shop in the upper village of Beckernied.
And browse around for a little bit of shopping!


To the shop

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Teelichter brennen in langstieligen Windlichtern aus Glas in der Spezereihandlung
in the gourmet shop
Spezerei-Produkte in Holzschrank in der Spezereihandlung
Delicacies in the gourmet shop

The story of the old shop around the corner

The Gourmet Shop was run from 1928 – 1961 by Paul Murer. Back then the shop was open daily from 06.30 am to 07.00 pm and even on Sundays for some hours, since this was also the milk counter of the upper village.

Fat, jam and butter were sold out of big barrels. Petrol, bread and many other local goods were also sold here. Various sweets were delivered by the bread shops Käslin and Schlaufer.
They also delivered the «Ziegerkrapfen» (locally baked pastries) for the Ridli-market. Up to 1000 pieces for 30 Rappen were consumed by the visitors on such a day.

One could also buy different pieces of meat, cold cuts and whole loaves of cheese. The potatoes were shipped on the lake, towed by a boat and delivered to the Gourmet shop.

The famous «Beggerieder Most», the local cider was offered by the litre for 30 Rappen per litre. The customers fetched the cider in 2 litre earthenware pottery. The Rössli china was very popular as dowry at that time and therefore the absolute hit. Tiki-powder was the big thing for children.
During war time people paid by «Märkli». The major supplier of the Gourmet Shop was the company Hofer, which later merged to become Hofer-Curti. They delivered with horse-drawn carriages.