Creative gastronomy in Central Switzerland

Culinary Schlussel-adventure

A true culinary experience for every occasion. The menus offered depend on the season, our guests desire as well as the daily changing mood of your host and chef, making it clear: «we serve what we have». You will not find a written menu in the restaurant Schlussel, the host proposes the daily menu right at the guests table.
We look forward to welcoming you as a guest friend!

Our motto: «fresh, uncomplicated and good»

The hosts will explain the menu at your table and recommend the best suitable wine. You decide how many courses you would like. Of course our host will take into consideration should you have an allergy or be vegetarian.

We use regional products, cheese from our neighbouring alps, Schnapps which is produced in Beckenried and meat from our local farmers. You will not find a written menu in the restaurant Schlussel. If you are organising a banquet for a larger groups the menu can be discussed beforehand, considering your expectations, special wishes and your budget.

The following prices give a guide line. The price may vary depending on the number of courses of the menu. Prices are in CHF and per guest.

table request


Culinary offer
Gluhwine and a sausage to barbeque yourself 14.50
Platter with little bites 8.50 to 14.50
Variety of starters 16.50 to 24.50
Soup served in a large bowl 9.50 to 12.50
Starters variation 18.50 to 24.50
Dani's entree 12.50 to 16.00
Salad served in a large bowl 12.50
Fish as a starter 18.50 to 24.50
Sorbets 9.00 to 14.50
Main Course 32.00 to 46.50
Cheese (selection on a plate or from the cheese board) 10.50 to 18.50
Dessert 12.50 to 18.50
Small pastries 6.50 to 12.50
Wedding cake 12.50 to 16.50
Breakfast buffet for external guests 28.50
Minimum menu price (2- or 3-courses) 56.00
Average consumption (event)
Wine price per bottle 48.00 68.00
Wine for the aperitif dl 1.5 9.60 13.60
Wine red and white (without aperitif) dl 3.5 22.40 31.70
Wine red and white (with aperitif) dl 5.0 32.00 45.30

With us you are being spoilt, surprised and well looked after.

Host and chef Daniel in the Schlussel kitchen
Daniel in the Schlussel kitchen