Selected European Wine

The pleasures of the bacchus – selected and outstanding wine especially for you.

Select from 300 wines, all exclusively from Europe. About 150 wines are even from Switzerland! We look forward to proposing and presenting our wine list to you.
Try fantastic wines and spirits and discover amazing selections from our cellar.

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Let our host recommend a fine wine to accompany your meal.

Our wide wine list is updated daily, please find here a snap shot:



Life is too short to drink cheap wine!

Big, bigger, fantastic!
At the Schlussel you can enjoy the best wines by the glass. And of course you can select from an exquisite choice of bottles in different sizes.
Why not surprise your guests at your party with a really large bottle of wine?

1.5 l = Magnum (equals approx. 2 bottles of wine)
3 l = Jeroboam (4 bottles)
5 l = Rehoboam (6 bottles)
6 l = Methusalem (8 bottles)
9 l = Salmanazar (12 bottles)
12 l = Balthazar (16 bottles)
15 l = Nabuchodonosor (20 bottles)
18 l = Goliath/Melchior (24 bottles)

Vinoble wine glasses

A successful interaction between shape and function – enjoy your selected wine at the Schlussel in our glasses from Vinoble produced by the company Berndorf.
The mouth blown and dishwasher safe glasses can be ordered in our shop.

Do you know that choosing the correct wine glass very much changes the taste of your wine?
Taste a wine in different glasses and you will be amazed. We are looking forward to tasting wine with you and to receive your feedback!

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Beautiful and noble Vinoble wine glasses in different sizes and shapes
Vinoble wine glasses