Exclusive New Year’s night in the Schlussel

Enjoy a pleasurable dinner to wave the old year goodbye

We will treat you with a delicious and noble dinner out of Gosia’s kitchen – he will exclusively prepare 6 courses for our New Year’s evening guests. Be surprised with his creations! Choose your wine and spirits and enjoy a classy evening without loud music and razzmatazz.
If you feel like staying – why not book one of our beautiful Boutique-rooms or Suites to make your New Year’s night something very special?

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New Year's night
Date Sat 31st December 2022
Time Start 6.30 pm
Menu New Year's dinner in 6 courses
-> please note that we exclusively serve the New Year's menu!
Costs CHF 189.00 per guest
Reservation Please book your table early, places are limited
Room rates Why not spend the night in one of our beautiful Boutique-Rooms or Suites?