Technical equipment & music

Technical information and overview for your events

We are technically well equipped and you can hire the following technical equipment at the Schlussel. Find all the information in the chart below. You are of course welcome to bring your own technical equipment and contact us for further details.

first day add. day
2 x screens 1x 2 x 2 m
(only in ballroom)
1x 1.2 x 1.2 m
45 30
1 x flipchart (tripod) 65 x 118 cm
A1 (65 cm x 99 cm)
30 20
2 x flipcharts (standing on table) 65 x 118 cm
A1 (65 cm x 99 cm)
30 20
1 x flipchart/pin- & white board combined 65 x 118 cm
A1 (65 cm x 99 cm)
30 20
LAN and Wireless LAN WPA2
Wi-Fi protected access
(encrypted data flow)
free of charge
Beamer Epson EB-U05 Full HD-projector
1920 x 1200
3400 ANSI Lumen
2x HDMI connection
1x VGA / RGB connection
80 40
Adapters on site Mini HDMI
Mikro HDMI
Mini DisplayPort
free of charge
Sonos music system Clink-Chinch (1 m/10 m)
Chinch- Chinch (1 m)
Clink-Clink (1 m)
free of charge
Wedding party, the bride & groom seated at the piano in the ballroom
wedding in the ballroom

Sound system & performance

The sound system in the restaurant and in the ballroom is for background music. If you would like to bring your own music via laptop, smartphone or DJ, this is only possible via our boxes.
If you wish to book a live band or singer, or if you are looking for an entertainer for your event: look at our list of artists , musicians and bands that have performed in the Schlussel before.
You will be directed to our german site.

List of artists & performers